Thank you for registering for the Choral Conductor’s Workshop. Please be sure to follow-up with your selected payment method.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made by June 1, 2024 receive a full refund less $50.00. Cancellations made after June 1, 2024 are not eligible for refunds. If the workshop is cancelled, ALL monies will be fully refunded.

  • $595 workshop registration fee  

Four payment options: 

  1. Mail check
  2. Purchase Order – Approved (signed) copy of a Purchase Order (NOT a request for a PO)
  3. Online with a credit card via PayPal
  4. VENMO-John Baker@Tilikum Choir

Payment Options

    1. Mail Check: Please make check payable to: Tilikum Choir (NOT: Choral Conductors Workshop or CCW) and mail to: CCW • 6300 SE Roethe Rd. • Portland, OR 97267
    2. Purchase Order: Many schools and organizations will reimburse employees for their participation in the Choral Conductors Workshop by issuing a purchase order. Request a Purchase Order from the funding institution for Tilikum Choir/Choral Conductors Workshop with Rod Eichenberger: Professional Development Workshop. Email a digital copy to:  or mail a physical copy to: CCW • 6300 SE Roethe Rd • Portland, OR 97267 Note: Your registration is not complete until we receive a copy of your Purchase Order.
    3. Pay online with PayPal: You can pay registration fees with a credit card by following the link below to PayPal. (There is a $20 built-in convenience fee to help cover PayPal service fees.)

    4. VENMO: John Baker @Tilikum Choir If you chose to pay registration fees via Venmo, send us your Venmo user ID and we will “request” payment from you. ($595 or $645) “Request” and “Pay” account will be John Baker @ Tilikum Choir. If you selected a different payment method on your registration form and prefer to use Venmo, send us a message: