Certificates for 30-contact hours are presented to all registered participants.

  1.  Academic Credit is offered through George Fox University. Payment must be made at the time of registering online for the course. Register for Academic Credit Here (you will be taken to a registration page on the George Fox University website)
  2. 2 semester-hour graduate credits = $200.00. Course Requirements: for graduate (2 semester-hours) credit, a daily journal of your activities and a 3–4 page paper on how techniques taught during the course may be applied to your individual rehearsal situation(s) must be submitted.
  3. 3 semester-hour graduate credits = $300.00. Course Requirements: for graduate (3 semester-hours) credit, in addition to the above requirements, the student must also be registered in the master class of conductors, keep an accurate account of time spent preparing for each conducting session with the instructor, and a journal detailing the specific techniques/gestures recommended by the instructor during the student’s own conducting session. The student must also conduct during the final concert. The account of time and journal must be submitted with the regular course work.
  4. Course Information – The specific course information is provided below. 
EDFL 515 (Graduate) MUSI 485 (Undergraduate)
Course Title: Choral Conductors Workshop with Rod Eichenberger
Course Description: A 5-day professional development course, designed for conductors of choirs at all levels, gives special emphasis to the important role non-verbal skills can play in rehearsal and performance.

This course is designed to provide a comfortable atmosphere for students to read through new music, to refresh their rehearsal and conducting skills, and to make new and meeting old friends with a passion for choral music.

For inquiries concerning Academic Credit, contact Kenn Willson at ccw@georgefox.edu.