The Workshop

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The Choral Conductors Workshop is an opportunity to spend quality time with and learn from Rod Eichenberger, one of the world’s foremost teachers of choral conducting.

For over 50 years, Rod has taught choral conducting throughout the world as a member of the faculty of three Universities and as a frequent guest artist at workshops and seminars of choral conducting.

His popular educational videos: What They See Is What You Get and Enhancing Musicality through Movement, are favorite tools among choral music educators and he has a music series published with Colla Voce Music, Inc. He has conducted more than 75 All-State Choirs and conducted Festivals in every state. He has enjoyed a long international career of clinic work and guest conducting.

Why a summer choral workshop?

This workshop is designed to provide a comfortable learning environment where musicians spend several days reading through new music (selected by Rod) to refresh their rehearsal and conducting skills. Participants also have the opportunity of making new and meeting old friends who share a passion for choral music. Friendships formed often continue throughout the years and may result in concert collaborations and tour destinations.


LearningDaily Conducting Instruction

All registrants participate in daily practical conducting instruction with Rod Eichenberger. Various warm-up techniques and their effect on the voice are explored.

Special emphasis is given to the important role non-verbal skills can play in rehearsal and performance. All registrants participate as the choir for the reading and conducting sessions.

Large Octavo Packet

The large octavo packet of approximately 150-200 selections is reviewed and hand picked by Professor Eichenberger. The packet includes octavos of all periods, styles and titles appropriate for all ages, ability levels and genres. These choral arrangements have proven to be a valuable tool for conductors seeking the highest quality of recently published literature. Additionally, Rod always includes a variety of tried and true selections in his packet. The daily sight-reading sessions are an invaluable and major portion of the workshop.

20 Master Class Conductor PositionsMaster Conductor

Twenty Master Class Conductors serve as volunteer directors for the workshop sessions with Professor Eichenberger. Conductors choose the octavo they wish to rehearse from the workshop octavo packet. Several opportunities to rehearse the choir are guided by Rod’s constructive feedback with suggestions and demonstrations on how to apply more efficient and effective rehearsal and conducting techniques. The 20 Master Class Conductors conduct their chosen music at the Friday recital/concert.
If you would like to be a Master Class Conductor, fill in the information on your Registration Form. Volunteers will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Include the $50 fee with your registration. If all 20 positions are filled, you will receive a full refund. If you have already registered for the Workshop, use this form to be added to the list Workshop Volunteer Conductor Request Form.  If you have not registered, complete the corresponding fields on the Registration Form.

Academic Credit

All paid participants will receive a certificate of completion which indicate 40 PDU or Contact Hours. 

Academic credits are NOT available.