All Workshop Participants are eligible to participate as a Master Class Conductor for the workshop. Twenty volunteer master class conductors are selected on a first-come, first-served basis. When you register for the workshop, complete the Master Class Conductor portion of the registration form and include the fee ($50) along with your Workshop Registration fee.

During the Workshop, each conductor selects a piece from the Workshop Music Packet and rehearses it throughout the workshop in a Master Class format with Rod Eichenberger providing guidance, demonstration and feedback.

Each conducting exercise is video recorded and the recording is available for viewing the same day. At the Friday Concert, all Workshop Master Class Conductors will conduct their selected piece for the Friday performance. Each volunteer Master Class conductor will receive a digital copy of their recorded sessions during the Workshop, as well as a copy of the Friday performance.

If all twenty volunteer positions fill up, we will refund your fee in full.

If you have already completed your Registration Form, but would like to be a Workshop Master Class Conductor email: