Fee structure for the workshop:

  • $595 regular registration/workshop fee
  • Early bird discount ($545) if registered and paid by February 15, 2022

In order to qualify for the Earlybird discounted registration rate, any one of the four payment options below MUST BE posted or postmarked by February 15, 2022. You may register immediately without payment and still receive the Earlybird discount if you pay by February 15, 2022. Payments made after February 15, 2022 WILL NOT be eligible for the discounted rate.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made by June 1, 2022 receive a full refund less $50.00. Cancellations made after June 1, 2022 are not eligible for refunds. If the workshop is cancelled, ALL monies will be fully refunded.

Payment Options:

There are four options for payment, see description below for specific details: 

  1. Pay by check
  2. Purchase Order – an approved/signed copy of the Purchase Order (not just a request for a PO)
  3. Online with a credit card via PayPal
  4. VENMO: John Baker@Tilikum Choir

1. Mail Check:

After you have completed and submitted the Registration Form, you may pay registration fees by mailing a check. Be sure to select “mail check” in the Payment Method field on the registration form and follow instructions below:

Please make check payable to: Tilikum Choir (NOT: Choral Conductors Workshop or CCW) and mail to: CCW • 6300 SE Roethe Rd. • Portland, OR 97267

2. Purchase Order

Many schools and organizations will reimburse employees for their participation in the Choral Conductors Workshop by issuing a purchase order. Request a Purchase Order from the funding institution for Tilikum Choir/Choral Conductors Workshop with Rod Eichenberger: Professional Development Workshop.

  • $595 regular registration/workshop fee
  • Early bird discount ($545) if registered and paid by Feb. 15, 2022

Complete and submit the Registration Form on this website. Be sure to select “purchase order” in the Payment Method field on the registration form and send us your PO. You may email a digital copy to: register@choralconductorsworkshop.com, or mail a physical copy to: CCW • 6300 SE Roethe Rd • Portland, OR 97267Note: Your registration is not complete until we receive a copy of your Purchase Order.

3. Pay Online with PayPal:

After you have completed and submitted the Registration Form, you can pay registration fees using a credit/debit card by using the buttons below to pay via PayPal. Be sure to select “Card (online via PayPal)” in the Payment Method field on the registration form. (There is a $15 built-in fee to help cover PayPal service fees.) If the payer is NOT the Workshop Registrant, please include the Registrant’s name in the “special message” field.

4. Pay using Venmo

If you chose to pay registration fees via Venmo, your Venmo user ID should have been included on your Registration Form. We will “request” payment from you. ($545 or $595 depending upon when you PAY.) “Request” and “Pay” account will be John Baker @ Tilikum Choir. If you selected a different payment method on your registration form and prefer to use Venmo, send a message to:  register@choralconductorsworkshop.com